A letter from Brian

Do you like school dinners? I do.
I like everything we get to eat – breakfast, dinner and tea.
For breakfast we have porridge or sweet bread and a drink of milky tea. Then when we are in school we have more tea at break time and a snack, sometimes it is fresh fruit or it maybe a biscuit.
Then at lunchtime we all go into the banda and sit down at tables then we say our grace before we get our food. The big children serve us little ones first.
We have ugali, which everybody here eats, it is like a dough made from maize flour which you have with a stew made from vegetables. It’s nice, but lots of people from other countries who have been here and tried it, don’t like it. They pull funny faces and go Ugh!
Other days we have rice and vegetables.
For tea, we have fish and rice, or we might have pilau or vegetables stew. We eat lots of fish because we live close to the ocean and lots of vegetables and fruit which grow in our greenhouses.
The fruits in the garden are bananas, coconuts, papaya, sweet melons and passion fruit. The vegetables are maize, you call it sweetcorn, sumawiki (like spinach) tomatoes, okra, breadfruit (aubergine), cabbage, beans and lots more!
Mama Sue says that we are growing big and strong because we eat good food.
I would like to hear what you like to eat.
Love from Brian.




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