Merry Christmas from Brian

Jambo to all my friends at Devonshire School.
Auntie Libby is writing this for me. She says you will all be getting very excited about Christmas.
We celebrated Christmas early at the Happy House because our Mama and Papa were back with us and they had to go back to England.
So we kids asked if we could have our Christmas while they were home with us, and Mama said yes.
Father Christmas came to see us with his two naughty elves. I hadn’t seen elves before and they made me feel a bit shy.
I wasn’t sure about saying hello to Father Christmas, but Auntie Coral came with me and when he gave me my present I said thank you and ran off back to my seat.
He brought me some new clothes, a book and a toy. Aren’t I lucky?
I also have the book the Gruffalo that you sent to me. I have looked at the pictures, and Gruffalo looks very funny. Thank you.
Then we did some dancing and had our lunch, pilau rice and turkey. Then we had cake. We all like cake. For tea we had ice cream.
I hope Father Christmas brings you some nice things.
Happy Christmas,





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