All about Brian

Baby Brian was born in June 2010 in Malindi Hospital, Kenya, weighing a very health 3.2kg.
Shortly after birth his mum walked out of the hospital leaving her baby behind, covered by the bedclothes – no-one will ever know what terrible circumstances will of driven her to abandon her little boy.
But by leaving in in hospital she will have been certain that he would be cared for.
It wasn’t until the hospital staff went to change the sheets that Brian, struggling for fresh air, was discovered!
After formal reports were made to the police and the children’s office, Mama Sue at the Happy House was asked to take Brian into the family at her children’s home which had opened just a few months earlier.
Of course, she said yes, and Brian came home to the Happy House on June 9, 2010, his official birthday!
As an abandoned baby, Brian is entrusted into the care of Mama Sue and her husband Papa Dave and the Happy House for the rest of his life.
Mama Sue chose to call him Brian after a very dear friend who had died a few years earlier. He had been very disabled but had always faced up to every challenge life presented to him, so Mama Sue thought his was a good name for a baby who had suffered a difficult start in life.
Brian’s surname is Hayward, like his Mama and Papa, so he was the very first member of a new African family … the Happy House Haywards!
Brian was a very happy baby who liked to sleep and eat. He crawled, walked and talked at the times he should and was no trouble at all.
He has now grown up into a very inquisitive and bright toddler.
He does have a few problems with his health, because he suffers from asthma, but is monitored carefully and doesn’t stop him from having a very busy and active life.
He is in baby class at the Happy House School and enjoys his lessons and loves to play in the sandpit. When he is not in school, he likes to play with his Happy House “brothers and sisters”. With 59 children in the family he is never short of playmates.
Amongst his most proud possessions is his Blackpool FC football kit, so kindly sent to him, by all his special friends from Devonshire School … who are important members of his sponsor family.

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